Bootcamp Comparison

Coding bootcamps - aka hack schools, programming bootcamps, etc. - have been proliferating since about 2012 and have seen significant growth and media exposure recently.  There are now so many, in fact, that choosing the right one for you  can be a daunting task.

Skill Distillery has put together a comparison of some of the top code schools to give some idea of what you should look for in finding the best fit for you.  From the article:

You'll find much in common among the various schools out there:

  • These are private, non-accredited, non-degree-granting schools, though the more reputable are state licensed as vocational schools.
  • Intensive, immersive, demanding training (8-12 hours/day plus homework throughout the program).
  • Full-time committment for the duration of the program.
  • Rigorous acceptance criteria for applicants - some schools only accept you if you're already a programmer, or require you to teach yourself the basics of programming on your own before showing up
  • For most, a sole focus on web application or mobile app development within a tightly-defined platform such as Ruby on Rails or iPhone.

The table below compares a few of the more well-known coding boot camps - and is followed by some points of comparison to take note of.

The table compares curriculum, experience, cost, certifications, and other differentiators.