Android Training Courses

Android Training Classes

Batky-Howell's Android™ training courses are intensive, hands-on five-day courses that teach programmers how to develop applications for Android.

Our five-day Android Programming class teaches Java programmers how to develop Android applications using the four major building blocks: activities, services, content providers, and broadcast receivers.

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Delivery Options

Our Android training classes can be delivered at your location, or at our Denver, Colorado Training Center . These courses are also available as live online deliveries using our virtual classroom.

For individual students, please contact us if you're interested in seeing any of our Android training courses on our public calendar .

About the Technology

Android is an open-source mobile operating system that is maintained by the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). The OHA consortium is led by Google and is made up of member corporations from industries such as handset manufacturers, chip makers, and mobile carriers. Android is licensed under the Apache v2 Software License, so there is no cost to use the platform or to develop software for it.

In addition to the base operating system, Android provides middleware and applications to support core mobile functionality such as camera, phone, and messaging. Your Android application can interact and integrate with these core applications as well as third-party applications to provide a more complete solution to the user, but keep your code more focused. You can, for example, provide a share button in your application, that when clicked, gives the user the choice of whether to share the information via social media, email, messaging, or something else. You simply specify that you intend to share the message and the chosen application does the rest. This loose coupling is fundamental to Android application development.

Each major Android update is named after a dessert whose first letter increments with each release. Your application should support the earliest version possible to be compatible with devices that have yet to upgrade to a more recent release. Batky-Howell's Android Programming course focuses on Android 4.2 - Jelly Bean.

About Batky-Howell

In our 21 years of existence, we have taught over 40,000 students across North America, Europe, and Asia in topics ranging from Android to Oracle Database Administration. We deliver our hands-on, instructor-led training classes both onsite and live online. Read more about our story and what we do .

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