What Does Batky-Howell Do?

What Does Batky-Howell Do

Batky-Howell is a learning organization that publishes & delivers training content via classroom learning, self-paced videos, and courseware. Batky-Howell, a Denver, Colorado-based technical training company, has 20 years of experience delivering high-quality, instructor-led IT training solutions to companies ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 businesses. We specialize in providing education and skill development of IT professionals, including software developers, programmers, system administrators and database administrators. We are known for elite, high-end, intensive courses.

As a vendor-neutral training company, we are not bound by a vendor's point of view - we are free to rely on the experience of our expert instructors to present best practices and potential issues. Whether you need one of our standard courses, require a combination of materials, or need to customize an existing course, Batky-Howell has the flexibility to ensure your expectations will be exceeded.

We offer instructor-led open-enrollment public and private training , which is also available via our online instructor-led training programs . Flexible training delivery options allow Batky-Howell to offer customers a cost-effective solution regardless of student location. In fact, we teach thousands of professionals every year at large and small companies around the world.


Why partner with Batky-Howell for your IT Training?

Training IT Professionals is Our Business

For over 20 years Batky-Howell has been 100% focused on training IT Professionals, so we understand that our students have extremely high standards. We have trained over 40,000 students in 3,200 courses ranging from introductory HTML to advanced topics in UNIX, Java, Oracle, XML, .NET, and more.

Virtual Classroom Training

Batky-Howell's courses delivered over the Internet are LIVE classroom instruction, not CBT or self-paced e-learning that many companies have found ineffective. Students can ask questions and interact with the instructor and classmates as if they were in the same room. The combination of live interaction and online technology achieves a true classroom feel without the travel costs!

Customized/Tailored Courses

Because the needs of each of our partners are unique, we offer the flexibility of customizing our courses to best fit your specific requirements. We will work with you to make sure the cost and content reflect your needs.

Modular Courseware

Most of our courseware (workbooks and labs) is written and revised by our own full-time instructors. Our modular approach breaks each topic into chapters, rather than days, to allow for ease of customization and tailoring.

Professional Instructors

Unlike many training organizations who rely solely on contract instructors, we are proud to say that we maintain a core staff of full-time instructors. This guarantees consistency and quality during each course with Batky-Howell. Every instructor goes through a rigorous screening process prior to joining our team and has substantial real-world professional programming experience that is brought into the classroom.


The unique combination of our own modular courseware, our ability to deliver both onsite and live Internet classes, and our highly qualified, full-time instructors, we have great flexibility in meeting your unique needs. And we do all of this without compromising the acclaimed quality and consistency of our training courses.

Continued Support

After a course is completed, each student will have email access to our instructors for questions regarding any topic covered in the course. This provides students with a valuable resource when applying their new knowledge to projects. We also offer short-term mentoring, where an instructor will come to your site and work directly with your staff on their projects.

For additional information please, call 800.868.2202 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .