Private Training

Course Summary

Selenium is about automating testing in browsers. We’ll show you how to automate testing for web applications, including some of the administrative tasks. Over the past several years, Selenium has developed several different methods of automating tests, and integrating those test with your other automated testing. This 2-day course gives you a handle on how to approach all of them.

Software testers who are seeking to automate the testing of web applications using Selenium.
Course Length
2 Days
Users should have light testing experience.


Understand why and when to use Selenium Learn to install and setup Selenium

Gain experience using Web Driver and writing unit tests in Selenium

Detailed Outline

  1. An Overview of Selenium
    • Web Testing
    • Web Testing Automation
    • A History of Selenium
  2. Automated Web Testing Goals
    • Assertion/Verify
    • Locating Elements
    • Matching
    • Waiting
    • Storing
    • Javascript
    • Multi-Window support
    • Debugging
    • Test Suites
  3. Selenium IDE
    • Installation and Setup
    • Building Tests
    • Running Tests
    • Selenium Commands
    • Building Tests with Selenium IDE
    • Running Tests with Selenium IDE
  4. Selenium Web Driver
    • What is it?
    • Setup
    • Underlying behavior
    • Language choices
    • Writing tests with Web-Driver
    • Running tests with Web-Driver
    • Waits
    • Browser Startup
    • Remoting
  5. Selenium Remote Control
    • What is it?
    • How is it different from Web Driver?
    • Why would you use it?
    • Setup
    • Language choices
    • Writing tests with RC
    • Running tests with RC
    • Using Client Libraries
    • Reporting
  6. Techniques for Testing
    • What Tests?
    • When?
    • Best Practices for Testing Your Apps
    • Best Practices and Patterns
    • Toolbox
  7. Selenium Grid
    • What is it?
    • Why would you do it?
    • How do you set it up?
    • Configuration
    • Common Errors
  8. Selenium in Real Life
    • Issues
    • Continuous Integration