Advanced CSS
Private Training

Course Summary

In this 2-day advanced CSS training class, students will learn to use CSS to format forms, create list-based navigation, do advanced page layouts, and create stunning background effects. Students will also learn about CSS coding conventions and shorthand properties.

Students interested in doing advanced training in CSS.
Course Length
2 Days
Experience in basic CSS and HTML.


Learn to position elements with CSS.

Learn advanced CSS page layout techniques.

Learn how to use shorthand CSS properties.

Learn to create cool effects with background images using CSS.

Learn to lay out forms without tables.

Learn to use CSS with lists to create hierarchical navigation.

Learn about browser support for CSS.

Detailed Outline

  1. Positioning and Visibility
    • Element Flow
    • Position
    • Positioning
    • Z-index
    • Display
    • Visibility
    • Float
    • Clear
  2. Advanced CSS Page Layout
    • Resetting Styles
    • Full Width Layouts
    • Positioning the Headings
    • Fixed Width Layouts
    • A Recommendation on Positioning
    • Laying out a Page – The power of float
  3. CSS Shorthand Properties
    • What is CSS Shorthand?
    • Shorthand Margins and Padding
    • Shorthand Border and Outline
    • Shorthand Backgrounds
    • Shorthand Fonts
    • Shorthand Lists
    • Using Shorthand
  4. CSS Lists as Hierarchical Navigation
    • Using Lists as Vertical Navigation
    • Using Nested Lists as Navigation
    • Using Lists as Horizontal Navigation
    • Using Lists as Drop-Down or Fly-Out Navigation
    • Using a List to Create a Navigation Menu
  5. CSS Background Tricks
    • The State of Rounded Corner Boxes
    • Fixed-width Rounded Corner Boxes
    • Relative-width Rounded Corner Boxes
    • “Mountaintop” Corner Boxes
    • Tabbed Navigation
    • Drop Shadows
    • Replacing Text with an Image
    • Using Backgrounds
  6. Laying out and Styling Forms with CSS
    • Laying out the Questions
    • Creating the Form
    • Reset Revisited
    • Styling the Form
    • Expanding the Form
  7. CSS Best Practices
    • Review some of recommended CSS Best practices
  8. Browser-compatibility Issues
    • Quirks Mode
    • Internet Explorer Conditional Statements
    • Common Browser Bugs / Issues
    • Fixing the Box Model Bug