Maximizing Project Success
Private Training

Course Summary

No matter how good we might be at meeting budgets and manipulating Gantt charts, successful project management simply does not take place in a vacuum. So much depends on how well we interact with other team members and stakeholders. This 2-day workshop employs self-assessments, developmental plans, practical exercises and other proven techniques to instill the ‘soft’ but critical competencies of project management. By mastering important people skills like managing stress, inspiring motivation, creating alliances, reconciling different work styles and maintaining self-confidence amidst criticism and setbacks, students will greatly increase their chances of managing any project to a successful outcome.

Those interested in improving their performance in project relationships.
Course Length
2 Days


Build important alliances across the business to ensure that there will be others to help the next time there is a project crisis.

Recognize how success is dependent on the emotions of team members and customer, and be able to take steps to manage those feelings.

Learn how to refine style to match different kinds of communications, from one-on-one with subordinates and supervisors, to company networking opportunities.

Learn to avoid the ‘stressed-out manager’ syndrome using simple methods for accommodating day-to-day project management pressures.

Detailed Outline

  1. Introduction
    • Welcome
    • Workshop Logistics
    • How to Get the Most out of this Workshop
    • Workshop Objectives/ Contents
  2. Project Management and the Four Relationships
    • Defining the New Project Management
    • The General Management Side of Project Management
    • Linking Project Success to Project Management Relationships
    • The Four Big Relationships
  3. How We are With Others
    • People Orientation
    • Interpersonal Orientation Assessment
    • Understanding the FIRO-B® Assessment
    • Taking Initiative to Build Project Relationships
    • Developing Greater Awareness of How Others Feel
    • Expressing Interest and Concern for Others
    • Pursuing Project Results Appropriately
    • Maximizing Your Individual and Group Interactions
  4. How We Are with Ourselves
    • Introduction to Centeredness
    • Leveraging Assets and Liabilities
    • Enhancing Emotional Self-Awareness
    • Tapping into Internal Motivation
    • Dealing with Stress Effectively
    • Thriving on Change
  5. Developing Planning
    • Creating a Personalized Development Plan
  6. Summary and Conclusion
    • Where We’ve Been
    • Where to Go Next