Java EE Training Courses

Java EE Training Classes

Batky-Howell's Java EE training curriculum consists of courses that provide training on the essential aspects of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) in engaging and hands-on terms. Students can further their knowledge with our Java EE 5 training course, training in JavaServer Faces, an Enterprise JavaBeans 3 course, an AJAX training course, and more.

Many of Batky-Howell's Java EE training courses can be taught on Eclipse, NetBeans, or your IDE of choice. Many of our EE training courses can also be taught on JBoss, WebLogic, Tomcat, or any other application server.

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Delivery Options

All six Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) classes can be delivered at your location, or at our Denver, Colorado Training Center . These courses are also available as live online deliveries using our virtual classroom.

For individual students, please contact us if you're interested in seeing any of these Java EE training courses on our public calendar .

About the Technology

The Java programming language that was created by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Java's "write once, run anywhere" motto speaks to its portability; i.e. a Java program written on Windows can be deployed on Linux. Java programs are segmented into two main categories: Java Standard Edition (Java SE) and Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). Java EE programs run on a company's servers and are responsible for, among other things, generating web site content. Java SE programs run as desktop applications. Students learning Java EE need to first be proficient in Java SE.

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