Perl Training Courses

Batky-Howell's Perl training curriculum consists of a Perl Programming course and an Advanced Perl Programming course so that a comprehensive knowledge of the programming language and its advanced features is developed.

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Delivery Options

Our Perl programming training classes can be delivered at your location, or at our Denver, Colorado Training Center . These courses are also available as live online deliveries using our virtual classroom.

For individual students, we regularly schedule our Perl Programming class on our public calendar .

About the Technology

Perl began as a text-processing and automation language, an extension to the popular but limited awk language. Perl evolved into a general-purpose programming language popular with system administrators, web developers, database developers, and many other types of programmers. Perl is very strong at processing large amounts of data, including manipulation, analysis, validation, conversion, formatting, and reporting. It offers complete libraries for database access, web development, graphics programming, and other environmental requirements.

About Batky-Howell

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