SharePoint 2013 End User




SharePoint 2013 End User Training Class Summary

This 3-day SharePoint 2013 End User class is for end users working in a SharePoint 2013 environment. The course teaches SharePoint basics such as working with and managing lists and libraries as well as basic page customizations.

Audience: Anyone interested in getting to know SharePoint or get acquainted with what’s new in SharePoint 2013.

Prerequisites: Minimal prerequisites. Participants should be comfortable using a computer for basic tasks, such as managing files and browsing the web, and should also have prior exposure to Office 2010 or 2013.

Class Length: 3 days

SharePoint 2013 End User Training Class Objectives
  • Learn to navigate a SharePoint 2013 Team Site.
  • Learn to create SharePoint lists.
  • Learn to customize SharePoint lists.
  • Learn to create SharePoint libraries.
  • Learn to manage library document versions.
  • Learn to create SharePoint list and library views.
  • Learn to create sub sites using various SharePoint templates.
  • Learn to create and edit Web page content.
  • Learn to create InfoPath Forms and Form libraries.
  • Learn to create Site columns and content types.
  • Learn to integrate Office applications with SharePoint 2013.
  • Learn to manage basic permissions of SharePoint 2013 resources.
SharePoint 2013 End User Training Class Detailed Outline
  1. SharePoint 2013 Introduction
    • SharePoint Versions
    • Team Site Layout and Navigation
  2. SharePoint List Basics
    • Creating Apps Using List Templates
    • Creating Lists
    • List Columns
    • Column Validation
  3. Library Basics
    • Library Templates
    • Creating Libraries
    • Managing Documents and Versioning
  4. Working with Lists and Library Views
    • Default Views
    • Custom Views
  5. Working with Sites
    • Site Templates
    • Creating Sites
    • Site Navigation
  6. Page Content
    • Wiki Library Pages
    • Web Part Pages
    • Creating a Web Part Page
    • Working with Web Parts
  7. Forms Library
    • Creating a Forms Library
    • Creating InfoPath Forms
    • Publishing InfoPath Forms to SharePoint
  8. Site Columns and Content Types
    • Site Column Gallery
    • Creating Site Columns
    • Site Content Type Gallery
    • Creating Content Types
  9. Office Integration
    • Excel Integration
    • Outlook Integration
    • Create an Alert
    • Subscribe to a List’s RSS Feed
    • Connect to Outlook
    • Access Integration
  10. Managing SharePoint Site Permissions
    • SharePoint Groups
    • Assigning Permissions
    • Permission Levels
    • Permissions Inheritance
  11. Participating in User Communities
    • Configure User Profiles and My Sites
    • Newsfeeds
    • People Newsfeeds
    • Documents Newsfeed
    • Sites and Tags Newsfeeds
    • Managing Personal Sites