Testing & QA Training Courses

Batky-Howell's Testing and Quality Assurance curriculum consists of courses that provide training on the key skills of establishing and assuring the quality of applications being created or introduced into the business environment.  Attendees need not be primarily testers to attend since the workshop will be mutually beneficial to all attendees, regardless of position.  The workshop centers on various aspects of testing and includes testing in traditional, agile, and modular testing environments.

All of Batky-Howell's Testing and Quality Assurance classes are independent of development platform and environment thereby enabling attendees to be of a diverse background.  In order to take full advantage of the curriculum Batky-Howell recommends mixing your audience to help bridge the communications gaps between members of your development teams.  The workshop will help to mold your teams and improve the quality of applications introduced to your environment.

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Delivery Options

All of our Testing & QA training classes can be delivered at your location, or at our Denver, Colorado Training Center .

For individual students, please contact us if you're interested in seeing any of Testing & QA training courses on our public calendar .

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