Memphis Agile Training Courses

For over 20 years, Batky-Howell has been helping software engineers and administrators in Memphis, Tennessee and worldwide learn new skills in Agile and other technologies.

Batky-Howell's Agile training curriculum consists of four training classes ranging from User Stories to Scrum. These courses allow students to quickly become productive in Agile environments.

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Private Agile Training Classes

Private classes allows greater flexibility of delivery and content for your Agile training. You can customize the content of the class as well as delivery to best meet your needs. Delivery flexibility is helpful when students are not in the same location. Using our live online delivery, your Agile training class can be delivered in half-day sessions. This would allow students in different time zones to attend the same Agile class as well as give them the opportunity to remain available for day to day work activities.

Public Agile Training Classes

Students can attend an open enrollment public class in our training facility in Denver, Colorado . Public classes are also streamed live over the web allowing students to attend the Agile class remotely. Please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you're interested in seeing any of these Agile training courses on our public calendar .

About the Technology

Agile processes are based on iterative and incremental software development techniques. Scrum has become one of the most popular implementations of all Agile methodologies. Scrum is based on features such as daily meetings, quick response to change, and two to four week iterations called sprints.

User Stories are the most common means of representing requirements on agile projects. A user story describes system functionality that is valuable to a user or purchaser of a system. Acceptance tests are written to clarify and verify the behavior of user stories.

About Batky-Howell

In our over 20 years of existence, we have taught over 40,000 students across North America, Europe, and Asia in topics ranging from VMware to Oracle Database Administration. We deliver our hands-on, instructor-led training classes both onsite and live online. Read more about our story and what we do .

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Does your Agile training provider:

  • take the time to understand why you are looking for Agile training?
  • find out what students need to be able to do after they take their class?
  • present you with options on how to best meet your Agile training objectives?
  • work around your schedule to provide cost and time effective Agile training solutions?
  • offer additional training tools to maximize retention of what is learned?

Batky-Howell has over 20 years of experience listening to client companies and has designed training solutions specific to their needs. Whether you need a standard Agile training course, require a combination of material from multiple courses, or need to customize an existing Agile training course, Batky-Howell has the flexibility to meet your Agile training needs.

In addition to content, we also have the flexibility to deliver Agile training in a way that suits your needs. We can train at your facility in Memphis, in our classrooms, virtually, or a combination. We will work with you to deliver a cost and time effective training solution. Our Agile training combines hands-on, in-depth exercises with the real-world experience of our instructors to provide a real education – not just syntax.

Our philosophy:

Each Agile training class focuses on providing students with skills that can immediately be used when they get back to their job in Memphis. Our Agile training courses are heavily hands-on oriented so students do not get bored. In fact, we refer to our training as 100% hands on because students work on examples as they are discussed and complete formal labs to reinforce what was covered during the lecture.

While all Agile training companies in Memphis claim they have the best training, we take ours to the next level. Our instructors are well versed in managing a wide range of experience levels in the classroom. We empower our instructors to make on the spot decisions to ensure the best class. If extra courseware is needed to address students’ questions, they will have it delivered to the classroom. Instructors can call on the resources of the whole Batky-Howell team to make sure no question in class goes unanswered. Our instructors frequently stay in the classroom after class has ended and some instructors have even gone to bookstores to purchase a textbook for a student to help them with their unique needs.

Students who attend our Agile training or any of our computer training classes are supported after class. In many cases, the real questions come up after the class when students try to apply what they learned. To ensure our students are successful, we offer free after class support. Students can email their Agile training instructor questions. They can also send snippets of code from Memphis that they are working on to their Agile training instructor to review. We strive to make sure every student taking Agile training can successfully apply what was learned in the classroom.

Our Agile training classes are 100% guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with our Memphis Agile training class, we will make it right or refund your money.